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Dr. Erik H. Bergström AB was founded in 1972 when Erik Bergström, Doctor of Acupuncture, returned to Sweden with his family from Scotland.

His clinic was the first of its kind for alternative treatment in Sweden. The first few years Erik Bergström used acupuncture alone with staggering results.
Yet there was always a percentage of patients who did not respond to the acupuncture treatment. Erik Bergström suspected that this could have to do with a mineral imbalance in these patients. His idea being that by supplying minerals - as they are electrically chargeable - could improve the bodys signalsystem, and therefore make the acupuncture treatment more beneficial to his patients (acupuncture having to do with the bodys signalsystem).
In his research Dr. Bergström came into contact with Sigrid Rilling - professor of medicin from Stuttgart in Germany, who cooperated with a laboratory that analyzed wholeblood for the determination of the most important minerals found and stored in the body.
In 1976 Erik Bergström started using above mentioned laboratory for wholeblood mineral determination. The method is called Atomicabsorbtionfotospectrometri. The imbalance found int the mineral content of specific patients was adjusted by the intake of specially produced mineral tablets. More often than not, other treatments where unnecessary after the mineral status was corrected.

A small example: If one is feeling tired and the cause is found to be an iron deficiency, iron is what is needed, hardly acupuncture.
The body however needs specific amounts of several minerals apart from iron. A deficiency in each one leads to different symptoms.

A wholeblood analysis is as the word itself reveals an analysis of the whole blood fluid, not just of serum or plasma. Today there are laboratories for wholeblood analysis in Sweden also.

The next step in the clinics development was due to a new discovery by professor Rilling - Darkfield microscopic examination of a drop of blood enabling him to see how well the red blood cells functioned. See the pictures below.

The left picture shows what is known as "coinroll formation".
The red blood cells are "glued" together which greatly deminishes the free surface on each blood cell to absorb oxygen and nourishment. The sticky substance is called fibrin - a waste product not soluble in water i.e. it does not dissapear by itself.
Uric acid crystals can also be found. If found in large numbers can be one cause of gout.
To disintegrate the substances that glue the blood cells together Papain is given.
This treatment is given during a specific time together with 1-2 litres of water daily.
The picture to the right shows the result after this treatment. Each blood cell is free ot absorb the maximum amount of oxygen and nourishment.